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Our digital menu boards offer caterers and restaurateurs a way of showing off their finest cassoulets, sashimi and sarnies in stunning, crisp quality.

Speed matters in the world of quick service restaurants. People expect their meals to be served ASAP. Restaurant owners don’t need customers dawdling over food choices and holding up the queue behind them. Menus can change throughout the day, and current offers need to be communicated simply and effectively. This is where digital menu boards offer the ideal solution, keeping everything moving, customers informed and everyone more satisfied.

The technology puts you in control, deciding what will be displayed and when. Digital Menu Boards can be updated instantly, and reflect the stock available or offers the restaurant wants to push that day. The use of graphics and animation can make food seem more attractive and exciting. There’s less confusion. The entire menu does not have to be displayed, making it easier to read and enabling customers to choose more quickly. The wheels to keep turning and waiting times are minimised.
Digital Menu Boards never looked so good

Beautifully designed graphics and animations will stimulate your audience while they wait. Customers can browse the full selection whilst queuing, speeding up service and helping you to sell more product. Research shows that menu boards can provide sales uplifts of over 50%.

Digital menu boards also allow you to automatically show the right offer at the right price at the right time in the right place. Cold outside? How about a special on your soup range to entice chilly customers indoors? Our unique digital menu systems are built with scalability in mind, and managing thousands of menu boards is as simple as managing one.

Start selling more food and satisfying more customers: drop us a line to arrange a demonstration of our easy to manage and cost effective menu boards.