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Content is king and, when it comes to content design, we rule the roost.

Digital signage needs to be approached differently from other types of media such as TV and posters. We’ve been creating dynamic, engaging and effective bespoke digital signage content for over ten years. In a niche field, we’re always leading the way with ideas, designs and inspiration that get results. And results are what it’s all about. At Pixel we have our own top quality in-house design studio with photography and green-screen facilities as well as the latest motion-graphics software. Our service is shaped to your needs: from minor tweaks for digital optimisation to full video shoots and soundtrack creation.

Our content not only looks good but appeals at a psychological level thanks to the pioneering work and research we’ve carried out in collaboration with Bangor University. Everything we do will be based on what’s been proven to work. You simply can’t get our level of insight anywhere else. From concept to completion, our dedicated design studio can handle all aspects of digital content creation, passive or interactive. Story-boarding original, unique concepts to the design and development of 2D and 3D creative assets: we do it all.

Our creative team is also supported by a team of technical developers. Together they create dynamic templates and interactive systems that automatically update from external systems. If you want to work with the content experts and see how our research and understanding can achieve more, then drop us a line.